For more than 30 years, Karon Heath Productions has been providing high-quality video production services to clients in Northern, Virginia, and throughout the United States. We are professional cinematographers and videographers who specialize in filming high-profile weddings and special occasions. We have also worked on award-winning documentaries.


International Wildlife Film Festival for "The Florida Burrowing Owl" | Communicator Award | Telly Classic | Telly for "Gettysburg: The Turning Point" | Telly and Aurora for "Unspoiled America" | 9 Tellys for "For the Love of Their Brother"

Alan Heath

Alan got his first camera when he was a teenager.  He began to take classes to understand the fundamentals of photography. It was about half way through the semester that he started stumping the teacher with his questions. From there he never stopped gaining knowledge and became a well accomplished DP and director.


Alan spent over six months in Mogadishu, Somalia during the war to capture footage of the devastation. It was an experience he will never forget, as not only did he witness the gut wrenching affect the war had on the children, but his audio man contracted a foreign disease that ended the trip abruptly.


Since then, Alan has freelanced for many networks and worked on Fox News Sunday for a decade. He has received many awards for shows and documentaries he has worked on over the years.

Marc Hemsworth



Marc didn't start out with a passion for videography/photography, but growing up around it became a big part of his life. During the summers of his teenage years, he got the opportunity to tag along with his Step-father (Alan Heath) to assist with some nature documentaries.  Marc spent an entire summer in the Okefenokee Swamp shooting video of the Florida Black Bear.


This catapulted Marc's passion for videography and photography.  Fast forward to present day, Marc has spent the past 15+ years traveling the world learning as much as he could about how to capture the inherent beauty and emotion surrounding him and using that knowledge to transform clients ideas into spectacular stories and imagery.

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